My journey

Dear friends, If you scroll way back , like to the beginning,  you can follow me on my journey, have a good time, love and peaceYves-Saint-Laurent-haute-couture-1978-©Guy-Marineau-11-1


Today was a day of a lot of clicking and did not get much wiser, rather more confused and sometimes I have to wait a while before it settles in my brain and all of a sudden, during dinner or something like that, I see the light and understand. Computers, at the same time that they are your greatest friend, can drive you mad! I am talking for me of course and I know that some of you are very savvy but I also know that many are not, so you all understand where I am coming from, you either have been there or you are like me, still in the dark. However it is, there is no hurry and with patience and a little help from friends we get quiet far! Then again, why does one want a blog? In reality I don’t have that much time to read a lot of blogs, some favorites right now are ” the Pilgrim” and Roshanda Gilmore! I also look up the blogs that talk about me and there are some great Blogs out there but who has time? I have the suspicion that we all like to be heard but don’t have time to hear that much, only if it fits exactly in some compartment of the brain, that’s why there are tags so you can go straight there. I think someone makes a blog because he or she feels that there is something to share, otherwise what do you do with all your knowledge, talent and experience? You no longer have to wait for someone to decide what and where and how you will be published but you yourself can show what you want with the possibility that someone likes it. It is also wonderful to see reactions and comments because it makes you feel good to know that someone thought of you because that person was reading your blog. In my case my interests are Art, particularly painting, I love Fashion and all that has to do with it: designing, illustration, photography and magazines. All these need links and sub-links and tags so we know what is where and where is what and we can go on clicking……

Latest painting by my husband Salvador Maron.