My journey

Dear friends, If you scroll way back , like to the beginning,  you can follow me on my journey, have a good time, love and peaceYves-Saint-Laurent-haute-couture-1978-©Guy-Marineau-11-1


OK, I think I figured it out, first in HTLM you click on link and put the http they ask for and then you write what ever the link represents. After that you have to go back to Visual otherwise everything you write becomes a link. Hmmmmmmm, you get this?

Now try an other letter! And colours!!!

now I am back at the normal letters and I am going to try to put in thumbnails

OK, so far I can get them only like this, one left, one right and being able to write in the middle which is good and when you click on the pictures you get them big!
 Now a big picture:

Ok I have made some new tags, drawings and photography. If anyone knows how to change the background colours? Not of the back-background but the actual sheet one writes on, I would like it to be different colours sometimes and even transparent so you can see the other background through the sheet. Any other recommendations are also very welcome…. leaving it at this today, can’t get it how I really want yet but I’ll be back…..