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  1. Fifteen years ago in Pacific Palisades tag sale, I picked up a worn pair of leather suede flats with leather vamp inset and a buckle, the lettering was almost worn off. So well made I researched them. They are like fairy shoes. Had them resoled and wear them around inside. Have a good many reference books on the history and designers of shoes in my bookshop. The style of this pair is so simple they could have been made in the 17th c, or any time later.
    They are keepers but it was nice to find out about your blog.
    Thank you for your works.
    MiriamGreen Antiquarian

    • Dear Miriam, thank you for your message and these shoes sound very much like me,the model was called “Velasquez”. So nice you found my blog and will check your link. It feels nice to be appreciated for your work, love to you, Willy

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