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  1. Willy, where do you live in Oregon? I’m in Grants Pass; I’d like to interview you for an article and feature your jewelry.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Willy,

    Weird.. I was trying to find old facebook messages with a once mutual friend of ours – Jane Alexander. (I don’t think I did click, but) you popped up, then your page, then all of a sudden I am reading you are in Oregon (which I see you are now in LA?) reminding me of stories… I remember fond tales of you from Jane and your beautiful daughter Alegria and granddaughter Alijah ….. I am into fashion -. As in, I make clothes (my mother was a fashion designer and tailoress in Australia) and I have decided to pursue it after many other career/distraction paths.. Currently I make tailored horse riding wear for royal shows. I am newly engaged to a Californian and we are about to drive from LA to Oregon somewhere around July august. I would love to meet you if it suits. If only for a moment to get a better perspective on a seemingly missing part Jane took with her leaving. I hope you are well and happy X

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