It is 1980 and I started drawing a collection of shoes for Yves Saint Laurent and when I had 24 of them I called Anne Marie Muñoz and went to see her at Avenue Marceau, the official “house” of YSL. I had been there often for fittings and private shows so I knew a lot of people there, but this felt different. I was quiet nervous and at the same time excited to show my drawings as I myself really liked them. Good for me Anne Marie did so too and so I got my first check as a free lance designer and it was a good one. I had hoped they would buy at least 6 but they bought all 24 of them!

These are photo copies of some of the shoes, the originals are in the YSL archives.
They have an incredible organization, “the Museum” Anne Marie called it, there they keep all the documentation and designs and now I was there too. Anne Marie told me to try my hand on some boxes for Eau de toilette and soap or parfum for Opium or Rive Gauche…








One in silver and blue and one different version. I did dozens of them, also jewelry,umbrellas, handbags, evening bags, fabrics, T shirts, scarfs and so on, all the accessories…

Photo copy of evening bag in Gold leather…

..and some jewelry..

These drawings of jewelry are scanned from the originals which are in my possession. Next time I will tell you how I got them back after they were sold to YSL.

I also designed fabrics for Karl Lagerfeld and when I saw his show and all the beautiful girls came out wearing silk dresses with the designs I had been making at home I really felt good, I thought it was quiet an incredible experience.

picture in Woman’s Wear Daily

Next post I will tell you more about that wonderful time…


12 thoughts on “DESIGNING IN PARIS-5

  1. Just amazing. I love the shoes and the jewelry. I would love to wear them today. I did not know that you designed for YSL and Karl Lagerfeld. I did the Ckohe show in 73 or 74, at the time when he came out with the perfume. I liked him very much.
    Linda Morand recently posted..Heather Hewitt

    • hi Linda, well, we surely met then because I did his shows always and even was the Chloe girl! for the parfume, received for years boxes and boxes of Chloe beauty products and Parfume. I know there were many girls and so much confusion that one did not get to know all the girls but we were both there, is that not funny? You stayed quiet a long time in Paris or did you come and go? Thanks for your feedback, I really enjoy that, love

  2. The shoes are incredibly beautiful and even today are ahead of their time and the jewellery is ultra-fab. Both are timeless; the sign of a good designer. Wonderful, Willy… once again, I am in awe of your talent you never cease to amaze me. Love you always, Lara x X x

  3. Timeless indeed! Willy’s artwork she is currently doing is so beautiful and hopefully she will get prints of a lot of these to sell.
    (hint hint) Both Salvadore and Willy are “true” artists and it’s been such a joy and pleasure to watch so many of these creations in
    person these last 3 years. Willy has taken some photographs that are just unbelievable!

  4. These are fabulous drawings of your jewelry and shoes. I am excited to see the real thing. It is very impressive that you are providing designs for YSL and Karl Lagerfeld. You are very artistic and I like the way your family picture is edited and taken.
    Susan recently posted..Pick Up Lines For Guys

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